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Mission & Vision Statements

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Our Mission

The Stanford Disability Initiative aims to increase visibility of disability at Stanford and to provide a guiding framework so that the university is proactive, accessible, and inclusive.

SDI achieves its mission through the following objectives: 

  • Holding space to exchange ideas about former, current, and new disability initiatives, programs, and project at Stanford that increase visibility of disability issues.
  • Developing a long-term vision related to disability academia, access, and inclusion at Stanford
  • Implementing systems for easy resource-sharing, community gathering, and connections through which to ensure a lasting structure for disability inclusion on campus.

Our Vision

The Stanford Disability Initiative propels Stanford University to serve as a leader in disability, equity, access and inclusivity from an institutional to global level.

Our History

The movement for disability visibility on campus has been alive at Stanford for decades. Below are some images provided by alumni chronicling this. 

 Image of a staircase blocked in protest with a sign reading "Why are all the ramps in the back of the building?"                     

For more information, visit Power2ACT's history page.