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Student Groups

Below are active student groups at Stanford University that advocate for disability rights for the campus disability community. These groups raise awareness, host events and create a safe space and open dialogue about disability within the Stanford community.

  • The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU)

    The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) is over one hundred and ten years old and is the only organization at Stanford of which every student is a member. The ASSU provides funding to over five hundred volunteer student organizations (VSO). These organizations in turn provide the majority of cultural, political, recreational and religious programming for the entire campus. The ASSU advocates on behalf of Stanford students on issues such as cost of living, diversity, student life and student activities space. Each year the ASSU pursues innovative projects and creates new services that will improve the quality of student life offered at Stanford.

    This year, ASSU Disability Advocacy launched Disability Equity Now , a community action network created to push for a disability community center.

    Disability Equity Now logo

    You can connect with them on Facebook.


  • Power2ACT

    Power2Act Logo

    Power2Act is an open forum for students with and without disabilities (including invisible disabilities) to share and learn about challenges faced by each other. The purpose of the group is to create a community of disability advocates on campus, raise awareness about disabilities, host events related to disability, and create a safe space for open dialogue and exchange of ideas within the Stanford community. The group also seeks to bridge the gap between students with and without disabilities, thereby bringing about greater sensitivity in the broader Stanford community. We organize several events, talks and workshops throughout the year, besides serving as a resource for anything disability-related.

    Connect with them on Facebook.

  • SenseConnect

    SenseConnect Logo

    SenseConnect seeks to advocate on behalf of the hearing impaired community at Stanford. We hope to provide resources to students passionate about hearing loss advocacy to support personal efforts to combat hearing loss.

    Contact President Tom Pritsky

  • Kids With Dreams (KWD)

    Kids With Dreams Logo

    KWD is an organization of Stanford students dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. Through its weekly programs, the organization networks Stanford volunteers with community organizations and to connect them with children and young adults with disabilities. Through fun activities like playing soccer, swimming, rehearsing a play, making arts and crafts, and practicing dance moves, volunteers and kids alike get to have a blast while building skills and friendships that are meaningful to all.

    Connect with them on Facebook.

    Contact President Claudia Heymach or President Andrea Banuet .

  • Medical Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses (MSDCI)

    The purpose of the organization is to provide a support system and platform for advocacy for students with disabilities and chronic illness. We also hope to begin conversations about the difficulties about becoming a healthcare provider with personal connections to and experience with illness and disease.

    To sign up for information about the student group for chronic illness and disability, email or contact President Shayna Cooperman or President Khristian Ramos.

  • Disability Studies Committee¬†
    Devoted to creating and nurturing a hub of disability studies and thought on campus. To achieve this, events are held throughout the year that offer spaces for these conversations about disability. This includes a reading group, with scholars and students from across campus conversing about important works in the field, as well as speaker events and a culminating day-long conference. For more information please contact, Frank Mondelli.