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Nov 12 2021
Rebecca Edwards pulls on a pair of blue gloves and a blue lab coat before entering the biohazard lab room where she spends most of her workdays. It’s her job to care for bacteria that are used to make genetically modified viruses. Alone in this tiny room filled with lab equipment — a sub-zero...
Nov 2 2021
“Did you read that story in the Stanford Report about the affordable ‘smart cane’ that uses robotics? Wasn’t it cool?” Whenever articles about disability technology come out, I’m asked for my thoughts and feelings on the innovation at hand. People expect me — a blind person — to share their...
Oct 18 2021
The cane, which incorporates sensing and way-finding approaches from robotics and self-driving vehicles, could reshape life for people who are blind or sight impaired.
Sep 3 2021
Curious about disability, disability studies or DisCrit? Have thoughts and questions about the social construction of disability? Want to understand the role of social movements in Disability Rights? Join us this fall to learn more!   
Aug 19 2021
Anyone with an aching back knows just how debilitating that pain can be. Now, Stanford Medicine researchers may have good news for the 500 million people worldwide experiencing low back pain. The researchers have developed a type of cognition-based therapy that helps address the pain. Read the full...